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PBDOS debugging for Embedded systems

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  • PBDOS debugging for Embedded systems

    I am using PBDOS 3.5 for applications that run on an embedded DOS microcontroller.
    I am using the "DOS Stamp" from
    It is a great little computer and runs fast etc. My problem is that I can't debug the programs I write because the DOS Stamp doesn't have a "Video card" so to speak.
    You communicate with the DOS Stamp using a serial port. If you use hyperterminal or XLTerm (from bagotronix) it seems like you are using an old monocrome PC.
    Since the PBDOS debugger writes directly to video memory, it won't work.
    This is what I have to do to write and debug a program:
    1) On the PC write the program and do what debugging I can.
    2) Compile the program
    3) Upload it to the DOS Stamp
    4) Run it on the DOS Stamp
    5) If something doesn't work right goto step 1

    I would like to single step through the program etc.
    The DOS Stamp is controlling special hardware and chips that are not on the PC, so I can't just do all of the development and testing using only the PC.

    Do any of you knowledgeable people out there have any ideas or workarounds ?
    PBDOS is great for embedded applications for those of us that don't want to use C, but the debugging problem really takes the fun out of it!