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NEW 0/S and DOS 6.2

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  • NEW 0/S and DOS 6.2

    NEW O/S ? Don't waste your time LINDOWS is on the way

    What it and LINUX can do for DOS remains to be seen !

    I remember reading somewhere some time ago that somebody wrote
    a "Protected DOS Mode Shell" to run in Windows ? Other than
    using F8 or booting into DOS via the Start Menu using MSDOS.SYS.

    As I keep saying, DOS ain't dead yet and won't be for some time
    to come. Have a look in DOS Forum. And there
    is always DR-DOS ?

    DOS 6.2 can be Booted into even on a XP machine, providing it is
    installed before Windows XP. So don't buy an OEM machine, build
    your own like I do and get an OEM version of WIN XP when you buy
    the hardware for the machine you build. Then you can do what you
    want the machine to do and not MICROSOFT or their pals DELL !

    The real problem is that Motherboard and Hardware such as PCI
    Card manufacturers seem to think that WIN is the only O/S in
    the world !

    Try to find a PCI Non-Windows-Soft Modem for use in Pure DOS or
    LINUX. External COM ports will soon disappear too ? You can not
    use an external USB Modem under DOS. Thought about that one ?

    It's like the old Supermarket days I once was a store manager in.
    To start with they concentrated on what sold fast at a good profit,
    KWIK SAVE fashion, ignoring speciality foods such as Ethnic and
    other Delicatessen.

    They have learned their lessons since. Looks like COMPUTING still
    has not !

    B.t.W.: Can PB-DOS 3.+ compiled programs run in DR-DOS. I am
    starting to talk to CALDERA.


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    Originally posted by OTTO WIPFEL:
    Can PB-DOS 3.+ compiled programs run in DR-DOS. I am
    starting to talk to CALDERA.

    Hi Otto,

    DR (Caldera) DOS ships with NetWare Server's Install Disk, and
    I have written PB DOS programs to help Automate tasks on the
    server's DOS partition, such as editing the AUTOEXEC.NCF, and patch
    checks. This way I can leave it there for the customer to run if
    I tell them to do so, and it will backup the proper files and so
    on. So the moral to this story is... Yes, PB compiled programs
    run just fine on DR or Caldera DOS.

    Scott Slater
    Summit Computer Networks
    Scott Slater
    Summit Computer Networks, Inc.


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      Answering my own question, after snooping around on the Web

      DR-DOS is still alive and even provides SHELLS to run it under
      LINUX ! Point your Browser at "DR-DOS" and see.

      There is also: with links to the University
      of WIEN (Vienna) Austria, where I came from a long tine ago

      It has one of the leading LINUX departments a guy called Irfan is
      participating in. Irfan of IRFANVIEW fame that is, the best Images
      Viewer on the market, for FREE !! Download the latest version: and see for yourself.

      If guys like that work on the next generations of LINUX and other
      O/S ? then there is still hope for the Industry ! And DOS


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        Speaking of freedos, I recently was trying to write a
        TSR on freedos and came up with all sorts of errors
        (as in, it dies when you start the program up). The
        same program works well in windows and ms-dos. Just
        curious if anyone else has had this problem, or maybe
        if somebody knows why. Thanks.



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          Probably, you would have better luck asking the FreeDOS folks...

          Tom Hanlin
          PowerBASIC Staff


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            Thanks for your encouragement regarding PB DOS. I think in the
            long run it will outlast Windows. People like you will make it
            continue. Thanks.

            Pat Bruening