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  • Some Keys won't Stuff.

    Hello everyone. More keyboard stuffing problems. This is a very special dos voice mail program that i need to run scandisk and defrag on twice a month. I have most of the code written using the the popup timmer command. Let me cut to the chase. Using popup stuff I'm unable to get the F3 key and Chr$(13) to respond. This program uses the F3 key to bring up the command entry area then I write the word stop and Chr$(13). I don't know why it responds to the words but not to the keyboard scan code and the chr$(13) code. You can edit the word stop on their command line but F3 and the Enter key no longer work. It freeze's thoses key but the rest of the program works. The test code i've been playing with is very simple. I'm testing on a 386 test machine running Dos 6.22 and I'm using a program the responds to F10.

    ? "TSRDEMO Batch # 3 Started at ";time$
    dummy& = SETMEM(-700000)
    POPUP TIMER 400 'pop-up in 21 seconds
    'once the time has passed, PowerBASIC will pop back up and execute the next
    'statement and then go back to sleep and end.
    POPUP SLEEP USING EMS, "C:\tsrtemp.$$$"

    ' 61 = F3 68 = F10
    POPUP STUFF chr$(0,0,28) ,0,0
    'POPUP STUFF chr$(0,0,68) + "STOP" + chr$(13) ,0,19
    popup sleep
    LOOP 'keep looping

    The delay needs to be there. Do i need an asmembly program to force these key's?


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    I just tested this (DOS box under Windows 2000) -- I sent the F3 + STOP + CR keystrokes with the line of code:
    POPUP STUFF chr$(0,0,61) + "STOP" + chr$(13),1,18
    Basically I just ran your TSR code above with that line of code, and ran a second program to watch what it placed into the keyboard queue... it worked fine for me...
    $compile exe
     a$ = inkey$
     if isfalse len(a$) then iterate
     for x% = 1 to len(a$)
       print ASC(mid$(a$,x%,1));
     next x%
     print a$
    loop until a$ = chr$(27)
    If this works for you but your other app is not responding to the F3 keypress, etc, then something else must be wrong...

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      Just out of curiosity - what DOS voice mail software is this?


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