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Running in Window10 32-Bit possible ?

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  • Running in Window10 32-Bit possible ?

    is it possible to run a PBDos exe with Windows10 32-bit at all ?

    Best Regards

    Matthias Kuhn

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    Searched on
    DOS emulator
    and got top hit of

    probably more out there
    (I have no idea if it is any good, but only spent 10 seconds finding it.)

    ("emulator" might be key word you didn't have )



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      While getting job done under emulator, consider reworking the source code to compile with PBCC (or maybe, repeat maybe, to a TXT.WINDOW in PBWin). Straight from DOS CLI to GUI would be a big single step.

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        Can always run a straight DOS PC under Hyper-V.
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          I'm not sure if it would run in Win10, but if it does it would likely not allow you to do a full screen Window. DOSBOX is good for its intended purpose (old games), but I'm not sure how well it would work with PBDOS (if at all). I tried running my old MS MASM with DOSBOX and it wouldn't work, though it did work in a Virtual Machine (VM) using the free version of VMWare Player, but it's kinda clunky going back and forth from VM to normal machine. Virtual Box would likely be a better free alternative to try if it won't work in Win10.

          I agree with Dale that you should consider moving to PBCC. I made the switch a long time ago and now on PBCC6 and love working in it, it allows me to do so much more than I could have otherwise with QB45. I never used PBDOS, so I'm not sure how much of a transition it would be, but I do think it would be well worth the effort if you're able to move to PBCC.


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            If the OS is 32 bit based it will run PBDOS .
            i don't understand the problem otherwise .
            you might have to set a few settings in the is or even do a bios update like I had to do on a Dell computer which have now pretty much have decided to not buy no more Dell machines from multiple issues they don't fix and and bricking some of them too.
            p purvis


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              If it is 32bit WIndows 10, you may need to enable/instal NTVDM first You also need to set the properties of CMD.exe to "Use legacy mode" to run many DOS programs.

              With those two preconditions set, you should have no problems.

              If you still have problems, apart from earlier suggestions, also look at vDOS


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                For 64 bit Windows, see here:

                I came across this one while looking at the requirements for running 16 bit applications on 32bit Windows 10. I haven't tried it, but it looks promising NTVDMx64 makes it possible to run old DOS applications under 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10. (It is reported to work correctly


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                  It also depends on what your program does or needs...
                  Full screen graphics use VESA bios routines: those are gone for 10+ years now...
                  Also direct hardware access (ring 0) is not allowed...

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                    What George Bleck said: