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Running PB DOS programs in WIndows 10 64 bit (and earlier 64 bit versions)

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  • Running PB DOS programs in WIndows 10 64 bit (and earlier 64 bit versions)

    I came across this one while looking at the requirements for running 16 bit applications on 32bit Windows 10.

    I haven't tried it, but it looks promising

    NTVDMx64 makes it possible to run old DOS applications under 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10. (It is reported to work correctly with Windows Server 2008 R2, and perhaps also with more recent Windows Server versions.)

    NTVDMx64 does NOT make it possible to run 16-bit Windows applications under 64-bit Windows! It only works with DOS applications! To run 16-bit Windows applications, you may want to try otvdm/winevdm.

    Unlike emulator applications such as vDos and DOSBox, NTVDMx64 is fully integrated with Windows, with the same access to the Windows file system and ports that NTVDM has under 32-bit Windows. NTVDMx64 does not perform as quickly as DOSBox or vDos, but its integration is a unique and important advantage. For example, a DOS application running under NTVDMx64 can print directly to LPT1 if the computer has a parallel port; this is impossible under DOSBox (although possible with vDos through a configuration option).

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    deleted - supposed to have been a link to here from the other thread


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      it is extremely interesting, thank you!


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        Yes...thank you Stuart


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          The MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64 allows the running of 16-bit MS-DOS .COM and .EXE programs on my Windows 10 64-bit system.

          From the README.TXT
          This emulator inherits the environment variables from the host Windows,
          and a target command can access the host's file path directly.

          So you can execute 16bit MS-DOS compatible commands on your 64bit Windows
          in the same sense as you did on 32bit Windows, and you do not need to copy
          any files to/from a virtual machine (VMware, Virtual PC, XP mode, or others).

          NOTE: This emulator DOES NOT support Win16 execution files.

          This emulator aims to support character user interface utilities, for example
          file converters, compilers, assemblers, debuggers, and text editors.

          NOTE: This emulator DOES NOT support graphic/sound hardwares and DOES NOT
          aim to support game softwares. I recommend DOSBOx for this purpose.
          Source code is also available.

          So far, it runs my PB DOS programs with no problem.



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            Another alternative?

            vDosPlus sees long and compressed 8.3 filenames, whereas the original vDOS ignores them.