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    Does anyone know how to restore old files that were saved
    to the files "backup.001" & "control.001" from the Save Procedure???
    The new restore procedure gives the message "wrong DOS Version"
    Any help would be grearly appreseiated because I have a lot of
    old files I'd like to look at.


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    Due to the lack of specifics, I am going to assume you still
    have the DOS partition of the 16-bit flavor. You should still
    have an old DOS boot diskette hanging around somewhere. Boot
    from that and try the old restore.

    If that won't work, give more specific details about what O/S
    you are using and if you are using 16 or 32 bit FAT's.


    and here it is about 15 minutes later...
    Try using SETVER


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      What version of DOS are you using? IIRC, DOS versions 3 and earlier used a different backup file format, which is incompatible with the backup program that was released with later DOS versions.

      You can download the DOS backup program that came with DOS 5 from Microsoft. It is available through Knowledge Base article Q135315 - CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade and it is in a file called Olddos.exe.
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