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  • Tom Hanlin
    Library code goes many strange places... it's always good to hear that my old work is still useful. ProBas was the descendant of my shareware AdvBas library, one of the first significant bits of programming I did on the PC platform, back around 1985. It had to be fast-- those 8088s were atrocious!

    Oddly enough, I believe TeraTech still sells ProBas, although Microsoft's dropping of DOS BASICs can't have been good for it.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Chuck Hicks
    started a topic To Tom Hanlin

    To Tom Hanlin

    Just got a call from the switch tech at the center I used to work
    for. They're still using an app I wrote many years ago, using
    your ProBas & QB45, to help them manage the databases in their
    Northern Telecom and DSC telephone switches.

    I dug out the diskette, looks like the app was written in 1990
    using your ProBas from 1989.

    Still lightning fast and super reliable, I'm sure, thanks to
    your assembler routines. Heck, it was lightning fast on an
    8 MHz AT, I can imagine how it performs on a Pentium...