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Comms hangup under WinME

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Since the app runs under 95/98 and DOS, the code itself is probably fine, which leaves the O/S and it's setup as the likely culprit.

    ie, If the OPEN COM statement is hanging then the problem is certain to be an O/S issue. Do you have a fax app or something running at the same time? If you are using COM1, what is using COM3? (COM1 and COM3 share interrupts by default).

    Which begs the question: is COM1 on the ME system using the standard COM1/IRQ4 arrangement? If not, you may need to specify the interrupt too, and possibly even set the port address in the BIOS table (see COMMUNIT.BAS in the EXAMPLES folder).

    Finally, can you please post the <U>actual</U> code you are using, rather than a mock-up please? That is, the line shown above does not comply with the syntax of the OPEN "COMn" statement, and if we can see the actual code, we won't (hopefully) waste time making inappropriate suggestions...


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  • Graham Parsons
    Guest started a topic Comms hangup under WinME

    Comms hangup under WinME

    I have a couple of programs with serial comms written a while back.
    When I recompile them (no problem) on my laptop under WinME, the programs hang when opening the COM port. The same programs worked fine under Win95 and, of course, DOS.
    Is there a solution? I suspect it's to do with ME? This is the offending line:
    OPEN COM1:9600,N,8,1,RS,CS,DS,CD AS #1

    I am using PB/DOS 3.5