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    Having been absent from the PB-DOS Forum for some time, I have been
    reading recent issues raised by you fellow Dossers with interest.

    It seems that the Software writers fraternity in general has lost sight
    of the need to produce simple, fast and efficient Software which is doing
    the job the user wants it for and no more !

    Graphics, Mice and a lot of what I call "Micky Mouse" stuff has crept into
    Software. More to satisfy the needs of the programmer than that of the user.

    Demonstrating what I mean have a look at

    The WEB in particular is overloaded with time and resources wasting stuff,
    killing the "Goose that laid the Golden Egg"

    "Keep it simple" is my message to you all and MICROSOFT ! Less Bloatware and
    more of what users really need !


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    Otto: I couldn't agree more. I have always believed in the
    concept of KISS. The complexity of some of the source code
    examples I have seen (here and in other forums) are absolutely
    appalling. I don't know how it is in GB but here in the US, the
    military would LOVE some of the programmers. To the DoD, the
    more Rube Goldberg (?Goldstein?) it is, the better they like it.
    Unfortunately, the more complex it is, the more likely it will
    be that something will crash and, in accordince with Mr. Murphy,
    it will crash at the worst possible time imaginable.

    I know my spelling leaves something to be desired, but I think
    you get the idea.

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