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  • Install problem

    I have just installed pbdos35 under windows 98 and all seems well.

    However ! I agreed that pbdos35 should insert emm386 into the
    config.sys, only to find that it had created the backup copy but
    not inserted anything into the real one.

    The real one is currently empty. Does that matter ?

    L. J. Devaney
    Office Administrator
    Microscal Limited

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    Could be. Time was, the idea of an empty CONFIG.SYS was imponderable. We'll look into it.

    I'm not sure whether EMM386 is even needed, any more... type MEM at the command line to see if EMS is available. If so, you're already set to go.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      You'll probably find that Windows is emptying CONFIG.SYS on your behalf right after PB changes it...

      As Tom noted, DOS memory managers should not be required simply to provide EMS/XMS to DOS apps running under Windows, as Windows provides all these functions natively. The shortcut/PIF file for the DOS window may need to be adjusted to provide these services though.

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        EMS was usefull with slower processors. It speeded up Compiling with
        the Internal and External PB-Compilers.

        You said that your WIN 98 Config.Sys was empty to start with ?

        In that case the PB-Installer could not add EMM386 to it as it would
        not function without:


        in your Config.sys and aborted adding it to the empty Config.Sys.
        The above allows you to use the Upper Dos 300+ Kb Memory for LOAD HIGH

        DEVICEHIGH=???????? '''' in your CONFIG.SYS
        LH Program, Driver, etc. '''' in your AUTOEXEC.BAT

        into it, giving your DOS programs more room in LOWER DOS Memory if you
        are working in DOS and adding:

        (DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386 2048 RAM ''''' 2 Kb EMS and XMS)

        allows the use of XMS and EMS in DOS.

        As Lance said, Windows no longer needs either Config.Sys or Autoexec.bat
        but some DOS Programs do, like the BTRIEVE for DOS File Manager !


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          Windows 9x should provide EMM for your dos boxes, but if it doesn't,
          you should check the properties for your dos box shortcut to see
          if you can set it to allow some. look under the memory tab.
          If it say's EMM is not available then you should try looking in
          the "system.ini" file in the [386ENH] section to see if there is
          a line that starts with "NoEmmDriver=" (no quotes). Whether there
          is or is not, you should change it or add one so that it looks like


          this is the default setting, but just about anything will change
          that default activity.

          Before doing this, make absolutely sure that emm386.exe is not being
          loaded in your config.sys file. Windows won't like it (if I remember