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    Keep reading questions about Data Input sometimes, INKEY$, INPUT$ and
    similar. More often Newcomers to PB for DOS.

    Couple of days ago I placed an order on a Web site and entered my Card
    number the way I am used to: 1111 2222 3333 4444. Not so !

    Was not until I wasted a lot of time finishing all other entries that I
    was told that "Spaces" are not allowed in my Credit Card number and wiped
    all my entries out ! Had to start all over again. Charming !

    Now why does that brainless programmer not validate this and other entries
    immediately AFTER exiting that box before letting the user go to the next ?
    Other sites do similar but at least give you a chance to find the entry box
    with the incorrect data, usually wayyyyyy back

    I have been using my way of doing things for decades now, not even the likes
    of FOXPRO and similar provide and usually need a lot of fine tuning to achieve
    what is required. Such as Dates, Bank Sort Codes, Credit Card Numbers and others
    with self-entering separators and validity checks at the time of entering the
    data and not afterwards. The same applies to numbers with fixed decimals. Puts
    in the (.) for you if you reach 3 places from the box end and stops you entering
    another one, as well as more than the specified decimals after it. Enter one (-)
    only before or after figures, when set to NEGATIVE numbers, none allowed when set
    to POSITIVE. INTEGERS allow no decimals of course.

    Interested ? DOWLOAD: IO-DEMO.EXE from my Web Site:
    It's a self-expanding ZIP containing the PB-DOS 3.5 source code and a ready-to-run

    There is a lot more as you can imagine, assembled over the years, most of it from
    guys as far back as PB in Florida and various Forums.

    Don't mind sharing my hard earned and acquired experience with you

    P.S. Just once I would like to post a message without having to edit it

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    Otto: You should know that editing is a non-maskable interrupt.


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