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PB-DOS 3.5 in LINUX ?

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  • PB-DOS 3.5 in LINUX ?

    Thinking about the Future, there are traces of DOS EMULATION Software for
    LINUX going back to 1994, allowing DOS apps to run in it's own window:
    and more recent: ?

    Lets face it, neither WINDOWS nor .NET are the "All End" solutions to current
    problems in the industry. Microsoft's new Licensing scheme indicating that
    even they accept the fact that revenue from what they are doing at present
    and are planning for the forseeable future is not going to buy them much.
    There is not enough room here to go into details about why

    Programmers, Corporations worldwide and even Government departments over
    here in the U.K. are changing to LINUX in droves. LINDOWS, a WINDOWS
    capable LINUX system has not been put out of existance by Microsoft's
    legal action. So what next ?

    Time for younger DOS Programmers working in Windows to look for an
    alternative ?

    I am too old to worry, having enough income from my DOS Apps to last
    until I join the Great Database in another dimension


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    I'd like to be able to run PBDOS or PBCC on a unix machine as my webserver is Unix based and I'm struggling with writing 1 PERL script each year (about all I need to write so it's not worth learning properly). If I could just upload some small, simple, DOS or Windows emulator to the server and then run PB exe's it would be a big improvement.

    You don't know if this is possible, do you?



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      Paul, you'll want to check out php ( It's got the power of perl, but is very much easier to use. It's a lot like C in syntax. The result is very good. Not difficult, easy to read, unlike perl. I can't do perl without the two big perl books on my desk.

      We do web applications (small ones, anyway) exclusively in PHP. It's available on windows, unix, etc. Works well with Apache, and even Microsoft IIS. For bigger things maybe Java. We'll see about c# and .net. (Hmm. PB will have to target the .NET CLR sometime, won't it. That should be good. PB#!)

      As far as web stuff and CGI stuff, scripted languages (interpreted -- I'll include .NET and JAVA in this, since they run in-process with the web server) are the only way to go. Why? Because they are actually faster under heavy loads than compiled CGIs when integrated properly into the server. For instance, the PHP interpreter is imbedded using a plugin into Apache. This means that php code can be interpreting using an already running thread within the web server. Using straight CGIs, a very expensive fork (process creation) is done for every single call to the CGI. This is very expensive as it involves creating a new process control block, setting up and populating the environment (variables), and loading the executable (or it's interpeter for perl). So I doubt that PB/CC for linux would give that much advantage to web developers, speed-wise or even ease-of-use wise, in a Unix market. However I'd like PB/CC for straight application development! That said, a fast interpreter that could be loaded into Apache as a module that handled pb code would be great. Don't get me wrong -- pb/cc compiler for linux would be awesome, but we could use a mod_pb for apache too.

      I run PB/DOS all the time under dosemu in linux using the now unavailable DR DOS 7 as the OS (it also runs MS-DOS 6.2.1, etc). It works well, except that the pqsyntax tsr bombs the whole virtual machine. But I have no idea how you could make it do CGI stuff. Given the scores of brilliant hackers out there, I'm sure it could be done. But it wouldn't be that efficient.

      On the other hand, I'd wager that PB/CC-compiled apps would run rather well under wine ( on linux and you could use it to do CGI stuff, but it wouldn't be efficient at all either. Starting wine is kind of heavy.

      Two projects to keep an eye on are:

      gnome-basic - a vba-type language

      and kbasic at

      Gnome-basic is already doing basic (no pun intended) interpreting (it's not a compiler). Kbasic is at the point where I think it's doing basic interpreting too. Neither project aims to be a complete compiler, but be scripting languages, which are ideal for cgi.

      I am excited thinking about PB for linux coming out... But in the meantime there are some great languages out there including python, ruby and php.



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        Is anybody still promoting DOSEMU ? The site seems to have a problem
        and the guy's E-Mail address mentioned on it no longer exists ?

        I am only a plain Text and Numbers only Accounting Software programmer, although
        I know a fair bit about the rest of Computing, for my own use and not to make a
        living from.

        As long as my OEM partner can produce cheap machines for use with DOS 6.22 and a
        DOS version of NOVELL Netware and BTRIEVE, I have nothing to worry about.

        It would be a hell of a job trying to port existing installations to another
        Operating system other than DOS under Windows up to 98SE. Hundreds of existing
        apps to be re-written, BTRIEVE for DOS would not work in them. Change to another
        File Manager like PB's POWER TREE, more re-writes ?

        I think not

        So I am looking for a way to prolong the usefulness of my Software, just in case



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          Found the answer to my previous message myself:

          DR-DOS and DOSEMU are still very much alive !

          DR-DOS is the Boot O/S for NOVELL 6, their latest version of NETWARE.

          Quote from the latter: "DOSEMU HDIMAGE for DR-DOS lets you run Dos
          Applications from any LINUX system".

          Have contacted LINEO Sales U.K. for information about purchasing a copy.


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            dosemu is very much alive indeed. It has moved to a new web site, though latest versio is at 1.1.1 or something. I always just download the RPM binary package for my distro from Contact me privately at torriem at cs dot byu dot edu and I'll answer any questions regarding dosemu.

            Something else that may save you money on DOS is the freedos project. I'm not sure it the web site is up or not, but try . Freedos is a very good free implementation of DOS. It has been used frequently in embedded applications. But it is a fullflown MS-DOS -compatible system. Should run PB/DOS very well.

            Contact me for more information (I'm not involved in the projects -- I've just got it all working). I think dosemu and either freedos or dr-dos will work well for you.



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