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screen capture in Windows XP

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  • screen capture in Windows XP

    Lance, thanks for the prompt response.

    I have tried everything you mentioned before, I did windowed
    operations which I set in the properties to the shortcut for
    the application. Also, in my application I do not make
    any WIDTH statement calls. I recompiled with a WIDTH statement
    of 80,25 and this did not change anything either. I went over
    some of the same ground with DELL support and they were unable to
    solve the situation either. Many things I noticed are different
    XP. For instance you can not close the PB editor without
    XP message box coming up asking if you want end the process.

    Any last resort ideas on capturing the screen in XP...thanks dean


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    In some versions of windows you can use the <shift-print screen>
    key combo to copy the current screen to the clipboard. Then, in your
    favorite graphics program choose paste or paste from clipboard to
    plop it right into place(be sure that the first program is still
    running). I'm not sure if this works in XP (don't have it myself)
    but it's easy enough to try and see. You probably already knew this
    but I just thought I'd drop my two cents worth in just in case

    hope this helps



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      Buck, thanks for the idea, but yes, that tried some
      time ago. Any ideas on an interrupt i could put into
      or something else might capture the screen and allow
      paste into Paint?



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        If this a text or graphical capture? IOW, is pasting into PAINT an absolute must, or will you consider "other" techniques such as a text-only capture?

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          The screen to be saved is graphical, text would not be enough.

          In another code I needed svga so I used zephyr software to get
          pcx files. In this code there is too much to rewrite and the
          screen 12 results are sufficient for my needs.




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            Have a look at

            I have been using their "PrintScreen" since 1995.

            It's what has captured all the screen shots of my PB-DOS Accounting
            Programmes screens on my Web site:

            Captures to *.BMP by default (well my old version does) which can
            then be manipulated and SAVED AS *.JPG by most Graphics Editing apps.

            My favorite it the brilliant FREEWARE IrfanView Graphics Images
            Editor and Viewer. Rotate, re-size, sharpen, print, use it as your Photo
            Album Library Viewer, etc. etc. It is really amazing !


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              P.S. PRINTSCREEN

              Had a look at myself and got the DeLuxe version.

              But the plain one, now supporting JPEG as well, is worth the $ 19.95 !



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                Windows XP has VERY unreliable DOS emulation, especially when it comes to VGA or SVGA
                graphical games or applications. Microsoft did this intentionally as a way of phasing
                out DOS -- which, ironically, is 20 times more stable than Windows. But...Progress may occur
                and I can't see a reason why they shouldn't phase out DOS. I'm glad they kept the
                prompt option, though, which allows for text-based apps. But games in DOS or graphical
                applications in DOS are pretty much gone under Windows XP. If you want to work with
                DOS and have few if any problems, stick with Windows 98 or Windows 98SE.

                Also, capturing a DOS screen in Windows XP -- a graphical DOS screen that is -- is very much
                impossible due to Microsoft's intentions of eliminating DOS altogether. If you need to capture
                text applications in DOS, that can be done. Just run the program in a DOS Windowed box and hit the Alt + PrintScreen keys.


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                Few cats act their age, while
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