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    Has anyone attempted to take a Windows driver file and place a
    wrapper around it so that it can be called from inside DOS?

    For example, let's say that I want to call a Windows disk driver
    from inside of DOS. I would place a call to it from within PB for
    DOS and then execute the Windows driver to accomplish it.

    I know it sounds strange but I do have my reasons. Any help would
    be greatly appreciated!

    all the best...


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    I seriously doubt this can be done under any circumstances. You
    may try converting the driver to INLINE statements and trying it
    from there, but again.....

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      Mark, can you be more specific aboout what you want to achieve, please?

      Maybe it would be easier to write a Windows (Protected Mode) app that does what you want, rather than trying to do it from DOS (real mode).

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        I am trying to build the ability to read/write NTFS file
        structures from within DOS. I also want to be able to access
        several other Windows APIs from within DOS. There is still a
        real need from within DOS to handle support issues for when
        it is not possible to boot the system to the host OS. There are
        several other things that we would like to be able to do from
        within DOS but we would need to discuss these off-line.



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          In that case, check out where they have various NTFS code for DOS... go to the site map, then scroll down to "System Utilities".

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          mailto:[email protected]


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            Yeah, I've used it before. However, it would also mean having to
            pay royalty fees. It would also mean getting source code from them
            which we attempted to do a couple of years ago without success.

            I was hoping that PowerBASIC could handle it. I also am hoping to
            find out more about the upcoming version of PB for DOS as to what
            may be possible. Or maybe get in a suggestion or two??



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              Mark, while you are waiting for your suggestion to come true,
              check out DOSBOX at, maybe some of them might be
              covered already. It did windows type things using keywords placed
              in your source.



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                Are you talking about booting an NT machine to DOS and then
                being able about to manipulate the file system on an NTFS

                I'm not clear on that from what you have written, but if that is
                what you want to do, you are going to have to do some reverse-
                engineering of NTFS internals and write your own API to the file
                system in DOS. If you just want to read from a damaged partition
                for data recovery, etc, it is not that hard to do, and it can
                done in PB3.5. If you want to write to an NTFS partition from
                DOS, well...good luck!

                Thorough and accurate documentation on NTFS is available at
                several places on the 'net.
                is a good place to start.

                Bob Green


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                  Man I hate this. I entered my password wrong and lost all the
                  stuff I originally wrote to you.

                  Anyway, the long and short of it is that I am converting all of
                  my current source code from Borland C version 3.1 to something
                  else. That something else is currently PowerBasic 3.5.

                  I am working on reading/writing from DOS of an NTFS partition. I
                  have numerous tools that interrogate the hard disk under DOS using
                  C but wanted to move to a new/supported compiler environment and
                  I am sick of C.

                  I have reviewed a lot of code on the web for NTFS access. The
                  problem is that it is all currently read only and some of it won't
                  even read version 5.1 (XP release).

                  Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also am in the process
                  of converting my code to read himem.sys in banks of 64Meg. In my C
                  code it allows you to access memory up to 8GB within your application.
                  I use the memory as large caches for read/writes coupled with DMA
                  access to give it screaming performance.

                  all the best...
                  Mark Collins

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