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How to prevent error 70?

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    How to prevent error 70?

    Hi everybody, I had not visit this forum for a long time, I am
    busy on website operating programming.

    Recently someone want to buy my old accounting software written
    in pb3.2, due to the fact that nowdays most of the computers are
    operate in win98 system, so I make some change on my source code,
    I have changed all the print out to html format, great! Easy to
    control and able to print to modern printer using IE5.

    The only problem is, I always get "ERROR 70 permision no allow"
    messages when I run program in IDE, are there any extra file
    attrib in win98 system that can not reconized by pb for dos?

    Any comments?


    on which statements are you getting the permission denied error ?

    Do they only occurr within the IDE and not with the exe ?

    Davide Vecchi
    [email protected]



      Your get an error 70 if You try to open an open file.

      E.g. You have started the editor 2 times and one program is
      runing .


      Matthias kuhn



        Hi Davide Vecchi,

        1.They occur when the program try to open a file.
        2.They occur both in IDE and EXE.
        3.More often happen if run two copies of the same program

        I also detected another strange error, see this code:
        CLOSE #2
        CLOSE #1
        ' CLOSE #2
        PRINT #3, "</TR></TABLE>"
        CLOSE #3
        LASTOPENFILE$ was opened as #2 for output, after that
        no data has written to it, then it was closed and deleted by
        "kill" command, after that, if I issue a "close" command
        to close all number of files, internal error 51 occur,

        So I changed that command to close #1, close #2 and close #3,
        same error 51 at line "close #2", quite strange, that mean we
        cannot just any how use a single "close" command to close
        all the opened files.



          I can't answer the CLOSE question without being able to see the and duplicate the problem, but in some cases, refreshing the file subsystem within PB can help, simply by doing a DIR$ on a "dummy" file.

          See the posting in the FAQ forum on renaming files on network drives for an overview of the concept.

          The Error 70 problems should be solved relatively easily by opening the file(s) with LOCK SHARED mode, to allow non-exclusive access to the file(s).

          PowerBASIC Support
          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
          mailto:[email protected]


            Hi Lance,

            I think the CLOSE problem is not too important to me, this is
            just an event report, I have tested this by written a short
            simply code and cannot reproduce the error.

            So your comment on error 70 is: just add "lock shared" for every
            file open statement, that sound easy, great.

            I still like powerbasic for dos very much, I have spend more that
            10 years on it written one accounting software and one word
            processing software, and the last one: newdos.exe, all programs
            run very fast in modern machine, no one could imaging this 10
            years ago!

            Hope that Mr. Bob will continues upgrade powerbasic for dos in

            My website:



              That is pretty likely... PB/DOS is slated for <U>at least</U> one more major upgrade in the future...

              PowerBASIC Support
              mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
              mailto:[email protected]


                Is ATTRIB + R also applied to the .EXE file?