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  • Lance Edmonds
    Thanks for the ideas, Jim. Very creative!

    The Print Preview window can be very useful for perusing lengthy reports without laying waste to trees.

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  • Jim Gillem
    Guest started a topic DOSPRINT trick of the day

    DOSPRINT trick of the day

    How about saving a .bmp named the index pr # .bmp and then
    shell it it via the parts or a/r customer master contact PR
    to display a preview of the part to sell or ti ID the customer
    or whatever.

    You could include some text via Dosprint and print ir for the
    customer / client to take home for a quote etc..

    This really gives us OLD fortran guys a new lease on life
    and the user gets the advantage of gui output.

    Just a pass along of todays idea (that is now in my ERP system)

    Will benchmark the utility with .bmp and .pcx.

    Hello Lance - this could be a new page in your help/manual

    jim g