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shell and path lost

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  • shell and path lost

    Using win98 v2 and shelling to DOSPRINT I have been getting the
    following error:

    "Specified COMMAND search directory bad " with a blue screen
    and a dos prompt

    then when I type: SET (enter)
    and I get: Path= (= nothing but Path=)
    ths original path at boot is clearly c:\windows\command etc...

    Some how the path is getting "lost". How

    Yes, I have only 1 on my hard drive c:\windows
    and the d: partition

    My earlier post about shell error was resolved by the FREE DOS
    help site WWW.COMPUTERHOPE.COM ref ch000257 error.

    Sure hope to solve this and move on to the barcode issues in

    Is there any other way to envoke DOSPRINT without SHELL(ING)?



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    Pretty sure what's happening here is that your COMSPEC is getting
    lost somewhere. When you shell to DOS, the path statement is not
    envoked. The O/S or program is looking for a copy of COMMAND.COM
    as specified in the SET environment.

    Try adding the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:
    SET COMSPEC=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND or where-ever it's located.

    Better yet, try to find out why the SET environment is getting
    dumped in the first place. I wouldn't have a clue on this one.


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      Sounds like an error in your SHELL parameter string.

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        As Mel notes, the problem hints that there is an environment table problem, or possibly a corrupt version of the command-interpreter is being used, or...

        It could be a parameter problem, we'd really need to see the actual SHELL statement being used. Jim, are you specifying the target app's extension? ie, SHELL "DOSPRINT.EXE filename.ext,LaserJet,1,/80/PP"

        Next, try using just a simple SHELL statement and see if that works?
        SHELL ' With no argument, it should start the Command interpreter
        Finally, if you launch WINLINK.EXE with DOSPRINT.EXE as a parameter to that, does it work Ok then? (see the DOSPRINT.HLP file for more info on using WINLINK.EXE).

        PS: DOSPRINT is an executable program (it's actually a Win32 executable) so the only way to launch it is via a SHELL.

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