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Serial Port hanging up

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  • Serial Port hanging up

    I am writting an application that requires two computers to
    communicate over the serial port.

    I have two connected problems:
    1 Any data left in the buffer for over 1 sec appears to be
    discarded or hangs up the port even though I have the error
    checking disabled.
    2 The LOC or EOF funtions don't indicate any data in the buffer
    so I have no way of determining if the port is hung.

    Is there a another test to see if the port is active or if data is
    in the buffer. Other than "closing" and "opening" the port, is
    there another way to reset the port.

    Dan Symonds


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    Are you using the program in a DOS box? If so, try booting
    without the windows GUI and see what happens.

    Are you using Xon/Xoff or hardware handshaking? You may have a
    flow control problem.

    Try checking these out and if that doesn't solve the problem,
    post a code snippet so we can see how you are structuring your

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      Mel's points are excellent. Do follow through.

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff