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  • Fixup overflows

    I have run into a small problem with PB 3.5 for DOS. This is the code.

    reg 1, &H5000
    reg 2, &H0001
    Call interrupt &H15

    When I try to use it in my program I get error 515 fixup overflow.

    If I mark out the Call Interrupt statement it compiles fine.

    I have plenty of stack space, my code is still relitively small and isn't up
    to 64 k code and data and I thought 3.5 for Dos didn't have those limits anyway.

    I have tried various combinations of code to get it to work and discovered in
    other sections of my program that if I add more print statements or variables
    I run into the same problems with error 515. In fact in certain sections I seem to be
    limited to 3 Print or If Then statements. Otherwise I get fixup overflows.

    Can anyone comment on this? Is this an inherant limit of PB 3.5 for DOS or am
    I setting up something wrong in my program? Thanks for any comments.

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    That particular code seems to compile well enough here. I imagine
    there's something else going on with your program. Perhaps you could
    ZIP it up and send it to Tech Support for a look-see:

    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      I had the same type of problem with a program. It would compile
      error on a particular line of code, but that particular line was

      Looking about half a dozen lines up, I noticed there was a
      syntax error up there. I fixed it and the program compiled fine.

      I bounced this off Lance in an earlier post and he suggested
      that I use $ERROR ALL ON and see what happens. I don't know if
      this will work since I never had the problem since but you might
      try it and see what shakes loose.

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        Thanks for the replys!!! I think I might have found out what
        the problem was. I was doing short jumps on errors. It is
        possible my basic code was moving the handler right on the 128
        byte borderline (or whatever the limit is for 3.5 assembly).
        Another PB basic programmer on the PowerBasic usenet news group
        also suggested this and my solution seems to have solved the
        problem. Thanks for the offer to look at the code too- but I'm
        just not ready to show it yet it is so incomplete.

        Have a great one!!