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  • bsave bload

    can someone please help this "brain dead bald headed want to be"
    about bsave and bload
    i can save a simple picture and then show it but when i change
    screen mode the picture goes away
    i guess i am having trouble with defseg also and start numbers

    will i'm not even sure how to ask the question, every time
    i start to write i think someone will get a good laugh at this
    question so i keep trying on my own but this one has me lost


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    Hi Tim,

    Take a deep breath, relax, and tell us all about it. We're not going to laugh at you 'cause we've all been there ourselves.

    So... a BSAVEd chunk of screen memory isn't going to work any other screen mode than the one you took it from. Remember, what you're saving is NOT a picture but a string of bits that are put back into memory the way they came out so the 'box' has to be the same.

    Now, what's this about DEFSEG?



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      Tim you can't save screen memory direct in graphics mode.
      You have to load the required screen area into an array with
      the graphic GET statement then BSAVE the array. There is an
      example if you hit F1 for help in PB then look at BSAVE in the
      language section.



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        thank you for your help. ever since i bought power basic i
        feel as though the people at powerbasic really care
        once again thank you