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Does PB 3.5 for DOS output file help?

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  • Does PB 3.5 for DOS output file help?

    In researching the failures of PowerBASIC SYS3170 errors in DOS-VDM's
    in OS/2, the Norman Virus group has focused on the possibility of
    the compiler not being aware of certain timing issues during output
    of it's product(s) at compile time.

    On suggestion that we temporarily exclude the output file path for
    the output product for research purposes, that's easy enough in my
    case, for what one would expect of the designated operations as
    set forth in the setup program for PB 3.5 for DOS and in the way I
    use the product.

    However, a picky little feeling that goes back many months ago down
    one branch of this trail, is nagging me. Am I right to recall that
    the PB compiler, can, at least in some conditions .. create a temporary
    file internally to its own uses, I think? Isn't it in the TEMP file
    path for the DOS system on which it is running?

    I sorta recall that maybe this is for error tracing and internal
    housekeeping puposes, maybe? If this is so, can I please have the
    name or names of any such files? For test purposes we need to
    exempt them from the probes of the virus utility for research ..

    I discovered it in one case, if my memory is correct, in a file in
    which the error was bad enough to hard lock the box. I think I found
    this otherwise unknown file as part of the /FOUND0 OS/2 HPFS file
    recovery from dirty byte shutdown and CHKDSK32 on cleanup on the
    Big Red Switch power down and re-boot. I think it was either in the
    avowed TEMP directory, or even in the WINOWS such TEMP directory that
    is known to be in the path in the environment in the DOS OBJECT that
    is the whole virtual computer experience for DOS in OS/2.

    It would help to know this file name or names and the path for
    research for us, if possible and if it even exists. Since that
    path is far different from the known and uses environment, a fair
    run at this will need to have that information in order to report
    back what timing issues we find with the product.

    Thanks ..

    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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    See the README.TXT information on VMS virtual memory:

    If needed, PowerBASIC will create a temporary file with the name
    PBVMS.$$$ for the purpose. You can specify the drive/directory
    where this file should be stored by setting a DOS environment
    variable of PBTEMP=dir or TEMP=dir, so that the compiler will take
    advantage of a RAM disk, or other faster media. PB first looks for
    PBTEMP. If not found, it looks for TEMP, and if neither is found,
    it simply uses the default directory.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      Thanks Tom for the pointer to what is needed.

      When the issue is stable and we're a little further along, I'll post
      any improvement noted in the SYS3170 throw issue. These issues do
      not necessarily mean anyone is at fault. All it takes is for the
      world to change around you sometimes.

      It may take a week or so to notice a difference .. but I will post
      what is seen here.

      Mike Luther
      [email protected]
      Mike Luther
      [email protected]