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    As a first time poster excuse me if I get it wrong.
    After programming in PB DOS from the very beggining I vae now made
    the decision to move to PB CC having version 2.0 at this time and
    awaiting arrival of ver 3.0 and Manual.
    My move was prompted by the need to address USB printers under
    windows. I have read my gazette #28 by Lance and have attempted
    to get a list of available printers using the API Enumprinters
    call but have not yet mastered the process. I need to see what
    printers are available and then I suspect use LPT ATTACH. I assume all this is not possible under PB DOS?

    Joseph Pedley.

    A good start I realise this should have been under Power Basic Console.
    Bert Pedley

    [This message has been edited by Joseph Pedley (edited November 17, 2002).]
    Bert Pedley

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    Correct... EnumPrinters() is a Windows API call which can't be called from a DOS program.

    If you search these forums for "enumprinters" you should fine a few examples. You could also download the demo version of DOSPRINT from and check out the source code for the utility apps that come with DOSPRINT... one of those does precisely what you are looking to achieve.

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