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Wishlist: Variable strings in TYPE's

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    Interesting you mention RealBasic. I have looked at that before
    only because it is cross platform.

    Is it as bullet proof as PB?
    Can it really do all that PB can (Dlls esp)?
    Does it have a friendly DDT like approach?

    Anyone actually written a good sized project in it?

    It allways seems like the grass is greener, but I have stayed with
    PB for 5 years now... I am by no means at your level of programming
    but I have yet to outgrow PB. The only reason I would consider
    adding RB is for the cross platform which I could really use.

    Kind Regards


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      Folks --

      This is the PowerBASIC for Windows Forum. Discussions include "User to user discussions about the PB/Win (formerly PB/DLL) product line. Discussion topics include PowerBASIC Forms, PowerGEN and PowerTree for Windows" as noted on the main page. If you wish to discuss competing products, there are plenty of other places on the Internet where you are free to advertise or promote them. Unfortunately, they are "Off-Topic" here. Thanks for understanding.

      Best regards,

      Bob Zale
      PowerBASIC Inc.