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Using PB/DLL over internet

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  • Using PB/DLL over internet

    Is it possible to write a program using PB/DLL that will run over the internet??

    What I want to do is ask the user some questions, process data using their input, produce a printed output formatted for their printer.

    This is probably a newby question but I still seem to be having problems leaving the DOS world and getting into the windows world, let alone adding the complication of trying to use the Internet.

    Or would it be better for me to learn JAVA and use that.

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    Yes, you can write such a program in PB/DLL 6.0 or PB/CC 2.0

    See the TCP and UDP statemens in the documentation.


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      Thank you for your quick reply, and I'm sorry about my slow one. I've been down with the flu bug. I will investigate that immediatly.