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rc errors?

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  • rc errors?

    can someone please explain this?

    #INCLUDE "resource.h" : when I type this in the resource compiler fails.
    #include "resource.h" : when I type this in it works fine.

    What I mean by "fails" is, when I run rc it reports back with the
    following error.

    fatal error RC1021: invalid preprocessor command 'INCLUDE'

    I am using PBDLL v6.0

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    Rc.exe seems to be case sensitive - therefore you have to type include
    with small letters, otherwise it won't understand what you mean.

    A big problem, as I see it, is that if you have "Key words - Upper case"
    activated in the PB/DLL 6.0 editor and open up an RC file, it automatically
    converts 'include' to 'INCLUDE', which then of course causes this error when
    you try to create the .RES file.

    I now use another editor for .RC files to avoid this problem. Hopefully,
    the next version of the PB editor will sense what kind of file it is and
    exclude .RC files from this automatic conversion..


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      As Borje says, RC.EXE is case sensitive.

      Of course, the IDE can have keyword capitalization switched off... check out the OPTIONS dialog box in the IDE. The IDE is likely to have this handled automatically (when an RC file opened) in a future edition.

      If you are using PowerGEN, please review the errata in the FAQ forum which corrects this exact error that was made in the PowerGEN help file.

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        Thanks guys,

        I kinda figured it was a case sensitive issue.