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  • getting user input

    ok; now that i have gotten PowerBasic 6.0 and eagerly awaite to upgrade my programming skills to that of PB 6.0. I now find that I cannot do the
    simplist thing within this Basic. So I ordered the book, thinking that will help. But; to my surprise, everything it listed is for input is dealing with files and all I want to get is some user input.
    in the old style basic this was done by typing the following :

    10 INPUT A$:REM Get user input from keyboard
    20 PRINT A$


    but to my horror, this does not seem to be the correct way in this new

    Can some one help me with this.
    Pluss is there a way to get a single key stroke,
    like the following in basic

    10 A$=INKEY$:IF A$>"" THEN 20 ELSE 10:REM Get a single keystroke
    20 PRINT A$


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    If you want to use INKEY$ and PRINT, you got the wrong compiler. What you want is PB/CC 2.0, not PB/DLL.

    PB/DLL is for creating "Windows GUI" applications, not text mode console apps.

    If you give our sales department a call, they'll get you wsapped out to the correct product.


    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
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      You are way ahead of yourself, it looks like you are programming in
      BASICA or (Oldest Versions of QBASIC) that required line numbers.

      PBDLL6.0 is way above your level for what you are trying to do.
      PBDLL6.0 is a graphical interface. You need to step down to PBCC20.

      Dave has offered to swap out your software for PBCC 2.0, you may need to take him up on it.

      pt AT pursuersoft DOT com