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  • Switch off the monitor

    Can anyone tell how to switch OFF/ON the monitor.
    or say how to send the computer in power saving mode or something like that

    I have PB6.

    Thank You

    Niraj Bhatt

    Niraj Bhatt

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    Check out the SetSystemPowerState() API call in win32.hlp. Unfortunately,
    it only seems to work in Win95/98, not NT.


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      Thank you Borje Hagsten,
      It works as I wanted it....

      I think it will work more relaibly on Win2000..

      WinNT4.0 Does not support it...(That's what help files says...)

      Thanks a lot

      Niraj Bhatt


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        In relation to this, I found another interesting one, "SystemParametersInfo()",
        while I was playing around, doing a PB Screen saver. Using that one, you can
        get a lot of interesting info and even disable Ctrl+Alt+Del and Alt+Tab, etc.

        A dangerous one in some cases, because if anything goes wrong, you may end
        up having to switch off the computer manually to brake the action, but it
        can also very useful in some situations.

        What ever happened to the Screen saver? Well, I sent it to the PB support
        so they could check it out, but I know they are busy people, so they've
        probably not had time to look at it yet. One of these days it may turn
        up as a downloadable sample somewhere, who knows..