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  • Disabling console

    I've written a simple application to move some files using the movefile API using PBCC10. Is there any way to disable the console output (it flashes briefly). Thanks.

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    Wane --
    If you start CC-module from another Win32-application, not PB-DLL, you can hide console using 0 as nCmdShow in WinExec.
    In PB-DLL
    1) you can use SHELL statement with 0 as WndStyle.
    2) to port PB/CC code into PB/DLL module.

    If you start PB/CC from bat-file, it's possible to change one byte in Exe-module, which informs Windows that this module is a console application
    (it seems to me, that with offset &HDC, &H03 -> &H02; but this technology is described on forum some times).
    A correction will make a window invisible.

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