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Tip: Subclassing controls problem, VB using PB/DLL32.

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  • Tip: Subclassing controls problem, VB using PB/DLL32.

    Had a pretty big problem, create a control from within PB and place it upon a VB usercontrol.
    The uc is subclassed until WM_DESTROY to receive it's messages.

    A real pain is that when it's necessary to restart your VB app from break mode (Shift+F5).
    Or when you simply press 'stop'.
    VB will crash. (bye bye code!)

    The WM_DESTROY is not received by PB, probably because VB changes the windowproc or blocks the messages or some other endprocess misery.

    I solved it by unhooking all my controls using the WEP/LIBMAIN part from the DLL.

    Maybe you had some trouble to..

    PS, EXE's do work properly so far.