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Wanted: Colors for buttons

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  • Semen Matusovski
    Thanks, Lance.
    I continued (additional variant - with icon). I used Rector, Newcomer (4th ed) sample. Really nice book, thanks a lot for your advice.
    About %WS_TABSTOP - unlike "classic", for "owner button" it's necessary (I tested).
    A code was moved to "Source code" forum.

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  • Lance Edmonds
    A quick glance over suggests the code is fine... certainly nothing stands out as potentially problematic.

    Only one insignificant point - the button that has just the %WS_TABSTOP style can have this style omitted and the code will continue to run identically.

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  • Semen Matusovski
    started a topic Wanted: Colors for buttons

    Wanted: Colors for buttons

    Hi, folks !

    Some days ago I received books from Amazon (recommended by Lance) and decided to make some too brave experiments (my API knowledge is near zero).
    I reconstructed Petzold + Rector code for creating own buttons.
    Because there are DDT in PB/DLL 6.0, my reconstruction was too deep.
    Code, it seems to me wooks, but I am afraid.
    Guys, somebody see mistakes in following code ?
    (code is moved to last message)

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