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    Does anyone have a SHELL32.INC type of file, I'm spefically looking for BIF_* constants. I have MSDN but it refers to them by name only, not the actual numbers which is annoying. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Adrian Aitken
    [email protected]

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    Andrian ---

    I can give you some

    ' BROWSEINFO ulFlags values:
    ' Value specifying the types of folders to be listed in the dialog box as well as
    ' other options. This member can include zero or more of the following values:

    ' Only returns file system directories. If the user selects folders
    ' that are not part of the file system, the OK button is grayed.

    ' Does not include network folders below the domain level in the tree view control.
    ' For starting the Find Computer

    ' Includes a status area in the dialog box. The callback function can set
    ' the status text by sending messages to the dialog box.

    ' Only returns file system ancestors. If the user selects anything other
    ' than a file system ancestor, the OK button is grayed.

    ' Only returns computers. If the user selects anything other
    ' than a computer, the OK button is grayed.

    ' Only returns (network) printers. If the user selects anything other
    ' than a printer, the OK button is grayed.

    but better to go directly to Brad Martinez' Web-page

    Could be you will find additional interesting information and samples.

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      Thanks Semem, unfortunately the list is a lot longer (and newer) and its the new bits I'm after ie 'BIF_NEWDIALOGSTYLE'. I had toyed with the idea of going through ever number but decided against that !


      Adrian Aitken


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        Found it by wandering around - thanks Semen for pointing me towards that site .


        Adrian Aitken