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TIF Group3 Image

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  • Borje Hagsten
    You probably already know about Wotsit, but still..

    Check out for descriptions of many different file
    formats, including TIFF 5 and 6. It's a good starting point, but to write
    a complete, working file filter/image handler from just looking at the
    file spec's - nah, I'd buy a ready-made filter if I were you..

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  • Gerd Steeger
    Guest started a topic TIF Group3 Image

    TIF Group3 Image

    I need help. Since a long time I am looking for source code to open, view and save TIFF 5.0/6.0 files. The code could be for PB3.5 or PBDLL.
    If somebody is able to write the code, let me know, but keep in mind that TIFF is a real challange.