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MCI Audio question

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  • Scott Turchin
    Fascinating, did you SEE how many CD Players were up there?

    I'm going to give it a shot, thanks!

    Scott Turchin

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  • Troy King
    Scott, unfortunately it's not an MCI function (as far as I know). The way RealPlayer, MusicMatch, and countless other CD players do it is by sending some piece of info off the CD to CDDB, which will then return the Album, Artist, and Track titles.
    Check out for more info. They have an SDK which you can download (I think it's free).

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  • Scott Turchin
    started a topic MCI Audio question

    MCI Audio question

    I love using Windows general CDPLayer, but it has a downfall.

    All songs recorded in it are kept in cdplayer.ini in the windows directory (Or winnt)...

    After a certain amount of CD's have been played and the Play List has been edited (Inserting names of songs etc), it seems to wipe out some previous settings....

    Now, it gets old typing this stuff in over and over again, and I only have say, 60 CD's max, but still!

    So I want to think about a program to read in the track title/author and song list...

    I know Real Audio does it (Too much overhead), anyone got any idea what the command might look like? I can do the general work, I just need a command to recover it from the CD...