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  • Semen Matusovski
    fred --
    if you want to detect, on which control right click occurs, i suggest to subclass whole dialog (for example, like in )

    otherwise it will be problems not only with static, but with edit boxes also.

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  • Fred Oxenby
    started a topic POP-UP Menu

    POP-UP Menu

    Peter Stephensen published an example of PopUp-menu in
    Source-code forum.Mine is a variation of that.
    As discussions is not proper in that forum I have raised
    this questions here.
    I have learned that the proper way to handle popup-menues
    generated via right-click or Shift/F10 is via
    %WM_CONTEXTMENU message.
    In the code below I have a question.
    Why are the returned handle for static (label/frame/image) not
    the actual handle. Instead it is the owning window's handle
    that is returned.
    In the case of EDIT (TextBox) I have a vauge idea
    #Compile Exe
    #Include ""
    %IDM_TEST1 = 101
    %IDM_TEST2 = 102
    %IDM_TEST3 = 103
    %IDM_TEST4 = 104
    Declare CallBack Function DlgProc
    Global ghDlg As Long
    Global Id()As Long
    Function PbMain
      ReDim Id(200 To 206)As Long
        Dim S(1 To 5)As String
        Dialog New 0, "Right click !",,,400,300, %DS_CENTER Or %WS_SYSMENU Or %WS_MINIMIZEBOX To ghDlg
        Control Add TextBox, ghDlg,201,"Fred",10,10,100,15
        Control Add Label,   ghDlg,202,"Label",10,30,100,15
        Control Add Button,  ghDlg,203,"Button",10,50,100,15
        Control Add Frame ,  ghDlg,204,"Frame",10,70,100,15
        Control Add ListBox, ghDlg,205,S(),10,90,100,35
        Control Add ComboBox,ghDlg,206,S(),10,130,100,55
        Control Add Image,   ghDlg,207,"#1000",10,150,100,50
        Control Add Button,  ghDlg, %IDCANCEL, "&Exit", 350, 255, 40, 14
        For i& = 201 To 207:Id(i&)=GetDlgItem(ghDlg,i&):Next i&
        Dialog Show Modal ghDlg Call DlgProc
    End Function
    CallBack Function DlgProc
        Local pt As POINTAPI
        Local x As Long,y As Long
        Local hPopup As Long
        Select Case CbMsg
        Case %WM_CONTEXTMENU
            x = LoWrd(CbLparam) : y = HiWrd(CbLparam)
            If (x=65535) Or (y=65535) Then
             'Get the LOC of the control in focus
            End If
            Array Scan Id(),=CbCtl,To r&
            #Debug Print Format$(199 + r&)& " => " & Format$(CbCtl)
            Menu New Popup To hPopup
            Menu Add String, hPopup, "First Choice", %IDM_TEST1, %MF_ENABLED
            Menu Add String, hPopup, "Second Choice", %IDM_TEST2, %MF_ENABLED
            Menu Add String, hPopup, "Third Choice", %IDM_TEST3, %MF_ENABLED
            Menu Add String, hPopup, "Best Choice", %IDM_TEST4, %MF_ENABLED
            TrackPopupMenu hPopup, %TPM_LEFTALIGN Or %TPM_RIGHTBUTTON, x, y, 0, ghDlg, ByVal 0
        Case %WM_COMMAND
            Select Case LoWrd(CbWparam)
            Case %IDCANCEL
                Dialog End CbHndl
            Case %IDM_TEST1
                MsgBox "%IDM_TEST1"
            Case %IDM_TEST2
                MsgBox "%IDM_TEST2"
            Case %IDM_TEST3
                MsgBox "%IDM_TEST3"
            Case %IDM_TEST4
                MsgBox "%IDM_TEST4"
            End Select
        End Select
    End Function

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