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File Handle from filename-only?

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  • File Handle from filename-only?

    I want to use the GetFileInformationByHandle Api to get dates and times on files out-of-the-blue by filename. This Api requires the file's handle, but I can't fathom where to establish it (the handle to the file).

    I am *not* creating the file or modifying it in *any* way - just want this info on files already on the hard drive (etc).

    Can anyone help?

    Many TIA.

    William Fletcher

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    William --

    A handle is only assigned (by Windows) when a file is opened.

    If you need a handle you'll need to use 1) the OpenFile API or 2) the PowerBASIC OPEN statement and the FILEATTR(,2) function to get the OS handle.

    -- Eric

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      William --
      test my training code (two or three monthes ago I found Dave's code and modified it a little)
      #Compile Exe
      #Register None
      #Include "WIN32API.INC"
      DefInt A-Z
      Function FileDateTime(ft As FileTime) As String
        Local st    As SystemTime
        Local zText As Asciiz * 255
        Local Temp  As String
        ' -- Convert the file time from UTC to local time
        FileTimeToLocalFileTime ft, ft
        ' -- Convert the file time into a compatible system time
        FileTimeToSystemTime ft, st
        ' -- Create a date string using the local settings
        GetDateFormat %LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, %DATE_SHORTDATE, st, ByVal %NULL, zText, 255
        Temp = zText
        ' -- Create a time string using the local settings
        GetTimeFormat %LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, %TIME_NOSECONDS, st, ByVal %NULL, zText, 255
        ' -- Return the file date and time
        Function = Temp + "  " + zText
      End Function
      Function PbMain
         Dim hFindFile As Long
         Dim lpFindFileData As WIN32_FIND_DATA
         hFindFile = FindFirstFile("C:\*.*", lpFindFileData)
         If hFindFile <> %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE Then
               If (lpFindFileData.dwFileAttributes And &H18) <> 0 Then ' Directory / Label
                  MsgBox lpFindFileData.cFileName + _
                     " Created " + FileDateTime$(lpFindFileData.ftCreationTime) + _
                     " LastAccess " + FileDateTime$(lpFindFileData.ftLastAccessTime) + _
                     " WriteTime = " + FileDateTime$(lpFindFileData.ftLastWriteTime) + _
                     " Attr = " + Str$(lpFindFileData.dwFileAttributes) + _
                     " Size = " + Str$(CDbl(lpFindFileData.nFileSizeHigh) * CDbl(&H10000) * CDbl(&H10000) + _
               End If
               If FindNextFile(hFindFile, lpFindFileData) = 0 Then Exit Do
            FindClose hFindFile
         End If
      End Function