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  • Joe Speroni
    Thanks Edmund, I added that to my SHOW DIALOG simulation logic
    and it worked well. At first I was a little concerned because
    under the IDE compiler I get an itermittent memory protection
    error when using the keys repetitively. But in direct execution
    of the compiled code this never occurs. (so far).

    I may have a bug somewhere that bears watching, but I now have
    ALT+Letter keys working. Thanks!


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  • Edmund Melerski
    Guest replied
    set the focus to one of the controls of your dialog. Use


    where hDlg& is the handle of the dialog and Id& is the identifier of the control concerned.


    [email protected]


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  • Joe Speroni
    started a topic Keyboard Processing Stops

    Keyboard Processing Stops

    I'm using DDT with "extra code" to handle new Dialogs. Instead
    of opening a new Dialog for each program, I'm simulating it by
    first clearing the screen of all controls (loop below), and
    then putting a completely new dialog onto the same screen
    using DDT CONTROL ADD commands. It works well, except that
    the keyboard input ALT+Letter only works the first time
    it is used. After that the keyboard is dead. I assume there
    is some message I should send to windows to tell it that the
    previous ALT+Letter is complete and it is OK to enable the

    Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?
    FOR i&=First& TO Last&
    CONTROL KILL hDlg,ButtonList(i&).event
    NEXT i&

    ' then since the screen is blank I can start a new dialog
    ' with CONTROL ADD's. Only ALT+Letter no longer works!?