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  • PBDLL 6.0 Editor

    Overall, I LOVE PBDLL. One thing that drives me crazy, however,
    is how the editor forgets the file type when you try to open
    another file. Example: I have to use the *.* File Type to open
    an .dds file. I close it and go to open, and now I have to select
    *.* again! This may not seem like a big deal, but I sometimes
    make similar changes to over 100 files at a time, so I have to do
    this repeatedly, and it turns a half hour job into an hour long
    job. Another nice thing would be to have it default to *.* in
    the first place; or at least make it an option. User definability
    would be VERY handy. I currently abandon the PBDLL editor quite
    a bit in order to do repeated functions. For the Find function,
    it doesn't remember the last find, so you have to type in the same
    darn thing every time.
    Like I saifd, the product is great, but the editor is driving me nuts!

    Best Regards


    Jim Seekamp

    Jim Seekamp

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    I have a few I would to change about the editor also. "IDEA",
    I would venture to guess the editor is written in PB. How about
    "Open Sourcing" the editor and letting PB include whatever nice
    changes that we "USERS" would like to make in it.




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      Good idea!

      Jim Seekamp
      Jim Seekamp


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        Add my vote


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          Asking someone to release their intellectual property rights is not necessarily the way to go. I think requests for improvements are quite reasonable. If you want a good editor, there are some (even free ones) out there. If you look around, you can find source code for a basic editor. If they aren't good enough for you, you could write your own?

          Regards, Ian Cairns

          :) IRC :)


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            To Ian,

            We're just talking about a plain text editor here. Not asking
            for the PowerBASIC compiler code. I mean, really, how intellectual can this be??????? Think about it!!! These type of editors are a "dime a dozen". The PB editor just happens to do a few more things like calling the compiler etc. No big Whoop.