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  • Eric Pearson
    here is a link to a somewhat more "official" keyword list...

    -- eric

    perfect sync: perfect sync development tools
    email: mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>

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  • Gary Stout
    What ever happened to that PB Edit thing? I haven't heard anymore
    about it recently. Is it done and shipping?

    Gary Stout


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  • Matthew Berg
    these i presume are for compatibility:
    $Compile $Debug $Dim $Else $ElseIf $EndIf $If $Include
    $Option $Register $Resource $Segment $Stack

    these too:
    Ret16 Ret32 Ret87 Retp16 Retp32 RetPrm
    I presume the PB/DLL 6 editor recognises these keywords so it is possible to use the editor to write code for PB/DLL 2, which is supplied with PB/DLL 6.

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  • Terry Constant
    Guest replied
    Thanks. This will be useful.


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  • dr phil
    Guest started a topic All Valid PowerBasic Keywords

    All Valid PowerBasic Keywords

    hi people !

    below is a list of all valid powerbasic keywords... straight from PBEdit.EXE's big (238,080 byte) mouth ...

    these i presume are for compatibility:
    $Compile $Debug $Dim $Else $ElseIf $EndIf $If $Include
    $Option $Register $Resource $Segment $Stack

    these too:
    Ret16 Ret32 Ret87 Retp16 Retp32 RetPrm

    string equates (didn't realize all these were valid):
    $Nul $Bel $Bs $Tab $Lf $Vt $Ff $Cr $CrLf $Eof $Esc $Dq

    valid commands left out of help file:

    (1) InputBox$
    Syntax: (copied from other post)
    Result$ = INPUTBOX$(prompt$[[, title$], default$][, xpos%, ypos%])

    (2) ScrollBar
    Syntax: (copied from other post)
    CONTROL ADD SCROLLBAR, hDlg, %ID_SCRL, "", x, y, xx, yy, _

    anyone care to look and see if anything else was left out ?

    btw PBEdit programmer(s) i liked the 'Bubba was here' message
    dr phil


    #Compile #Debug #Dim #Else #ElseIf #EndIf #If #Include #Option #Register
    #Resource #Segment #Stack $Compile $Debug $Dim $Else $ElseIf $EndIf $If $Include
    $Option $Register $Resource $Segment $Stack %Def %Pb Exe $Nul $Bel $Bs $Tab
    $Lf $Vt $Ff $Cr $CrLf $Eof $Esc $Dq Abs Access Accept Add Addr Alias All And Any
    Append Array As Asc Ascend Asciiz Asm At Atn Attach Bar Base Baud Bdecl Beep Bin$
    Binary Bit Bits% Bits Bits Bits Bits Break Button ByCmd ByCopy ByRef Byte
    ByVal Call CallBack Case CbCtl CbCtlMsg CbHndl CbLparam CbMsg CbWparam CByt
    CCur CCux CD CDbl Cdecl CDwd Ceil Cext ChDir ChDrive Check Check3State CheckBox
    Chr$ CInt Client CLng Close Cls CodePtr Collate Color ComboBox Comm Command$ Control
    Cos CQud Create CSng CtsFlow Cur CurDir$ Cux CvByt CvCur CvCux Cvd CvDwd Cve Cvi Cvl
    Cvq Cvs CvWrd CWrd Data DataCount Date$ Declare Decr Default DefByt DefCur DefCux
    DefDbl DefDwd DefExt DefInt DefLng DefQud DefSng DefStr DefWrd Delete Descend Dialog
    Dim Dir$ Disable DiskFree DiskSize Dll Do DoEvents Double Down
    Draw DsrFlow DsrSens DtrFlow DtrLine Dword Else ElseIf Enable End Environ$ Eof Eqv
    Erase Err ErrApi ErrClear Error Exe Exit Exp Exp10 Exp2 Explicit Export Ext Extract$
    FileAttr FileCopy FileName Fix Flow Flush Focus For Format$ FormFeed Frac Frame
    FreeFile From Function Get Get$ GetAttr Global GoSub GoTo Handle Hex$ HiByt HiWrd
    Host Idn If Image ImageX ImgButton ImgButtonX Imp In Incr Input Input# InputBox$
    Insert Instr Int Integer Inv IsFalse IsTrue Iterate Kill Label LBound LCase$ Left
    Left$ Len Let Lib Line ListBox LoByt Loc Local Lock Lof Log Log10 Log2 Long Loop
    LoWrd Lprint Lset Ltrim$ MakDwd MakLng MakPtr Mat Max Max$ Max% Max Menu Mid$
    Min Min$ Min% Min MkByt$ MkCur$ MkCux$ Mkd$ MkDir MkDwd$ Mke$ Mki$ Mkl$ Mkq$ Mks$
    MkWrd$ Mod Modal Modeless MousePtr MsgBox Name New Next None Not Notify Null Oct$
    Off On Open Option Or Output Page Parity ParityChar ParityRepl ParityType Parse$
    ParseCount Pbd PbMain Peek Peek$ Pixels Poke Poke$ Popup Port
    Preserve Print Print# Ptr Put Put$ Quad Random Randomize Read Read$ Recv ReDim
    RegExpr Register RegRepl Rem Remain$ Remove$ Repeat$ Replace Reset Resume Ret16
    Ret32 Ret87 Retp16 Retp32 RetPrm Return Rgb Right Right$ Ring Rlsd RmDir Rnd
    Rotate Round Rset Rtrim$ RtsFlow RxBuffer RxQue Scan ScrollBar Sdecl Seek Select
    Send Server Set SetAttr SetEof Sgn Shared Shell Shift Show Sin Single Size SizeOf
    Sleep Sort Space$ Spc Sqr State Static Status StdCall Step Stop Str$ StrDelete
    String String$ StrInsert StrPtr StrReverse Sub Suspend Swap Tab TagArray Tally
    Tan Tcp Text TextBox Then Thread Time$ Timer TimeOut To Toggle Trim$ Trn TxBuffer
    TxQue Type UBound Ucase UCase$ Udp Union Units UnLock Until Up Using Val VarPtr
    Verify Version3 Version4 Version5 Wend While Width# WinMain With Word Write
    Write# Xor XInpFlow XOutFlow Zer