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Non-button Controls on a Toolbar

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  • Non-button Controls on a Toolbar

    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone suggest a reference, URL or MSDN article (or anything!) on placing non-button (ie, non-standard) controls on a toolbar?

    I'd prefer to place a pair of radio/option buttons, but I just can't get this working. Any advise welcome.


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    See OLMENU, unf. drawtext API error on some resolutions but it's been made using DrawFrameControl API.
    This one can paint your options too.

    A lot of work to determine were the user clicked.

    So, no real controls..



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      Lance, I need to understand what you are doing. Do you want to
      place your radio button to either side of a normal toolbar
      buttons (similar to the combobox/toolbar example) or do you want
      to replace one of the buttons with a radio button (or custom

      Can your application use a Rebar container?

      I would like to do something similar, I want to mimic the MDI spec for a Max'd window when the Min/Max button gets transferred
      to the Menu client area, but instead I want to put it in the
      toolbar client area instead. If I can do this, then I can finish
      of my MDI solution for DDT users(a custom control include file).



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        I lost the code for doing it on a dead HDD but from memory, I just
        used the handle of the toolbar as the parent and placed the control
        onto the toolbar surface. I dont remember ant real problems doing it
        and I used a drop down combo box with the example.

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          If that is all you want to do, there are lots of MSDN examples.
          I will send you Nancy Cluts example now.

          Regards, Jules


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            Hey that sounds neat, I think I would be interested in seeing that example also Jules. The more examples the better I always say.




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              Thanks for the help guys! Thanks for the example code Jules... I see where I went wrong now!

              BTW, I dont want to use a rebar control, as it unnecessarily complicates things.

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                Don't know if this is it, but the following puts an option-like, round
                checkbox on a toolbar and sets its text (the PBpad sample used here)
                Actions are received in %WM_COMMAND, when LOWRD(wParam) = %IDOPT1

                It can also be used for other controls, like combo lists, etc.
                (see win32.hlp and "CreateWindow" for more info..

                x = left position on toolbar.
                y = top position on toolbar.
                w = width
                h = height
                hToolbar = the toolbar's hWnd
                hWndOpt = the control's hWnd
                %IDOPT1 = (Id num, whatever you like, 300, 400, etc)

                  hWndOpt = CreateWindowEx(0, "BUTTON", BYVAL %NULL, _
                            %WS_CHILD OR %BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON OR %WS_VISIBLE, _
                            x, y, w, h, hToolbar, %IDOPT1, hInst, BYVAL %Null)
                  zText = "Option 1"
                  SendMessage hWndOpt, %WM_SETTEXT, 0, VARPTR(zText)
                Forgot to mention that you need at least two of these, because the
                check state are automatically set to checked for the selected one and
                unchecked for all other %BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON controls on the toolbar.


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