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Polish Win95/98 and VB4 with PB DLLs

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  • Polish Win95/98 and VB4 with PB DLLs

    My company has written a VB4/32 program which uses a PB50 DLL on a computer with US WinNT4.0.
    The program works OK on computers with US and swedish versions of Win95/98.
    When we installed the program on several computers with polish Win95 or Win98 we got run time errors.
    (I am sitting home in Sweden waiting for more details from Poland).
    In the meantime, is there any known problems with PB and non US versions of Win98?
    We are planning to rewrite our program in PB6.0.
    Does anybody know of problems with VB4/32 and non US versions of Win98?

    Krister Olsson

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    Depending upon what kind of application it is, check for date,
    currency or language (character set) related problems. Some
    routines in PB, like UCase$, LCase$, etc, are not ANSI compliant
    (but then again, that is a wellknown issue to us Swedes..