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  • Index question RFC

    Each week I receive a read only data file, unsorted and growing in size with each publication. This weeks issue is 117878064 bytes with 2455793 records.

    The struture is all characters in a record length of 48 bytes
    including a CRLF. The file needs to be indexed once on char 1 to 27 and next on char 27 to 46.

    I would appreciate any recommendations on bTree/ PowerTree/ etc.
    with any indication on indexing time and index file sizes that might be expected. I use a 500mhz CPU, 128mb RAM.


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    I use a program called Index Manager by CDP Consulatants.
    Powertree would handle this job as well. In my situation, I have
    used Index Manager since before PowerTree was available, so I am
    more familiar with it, but also own both versions of PowerTree.
    I have one program with a record size of 53 characters and
    approx. 1.6 million records and a file size of 69,000,000. The
    index is around 88,000,000. As far as index time, on a 200 Mhz
    pentium with 64 meg of ram, it will take around 15 minutes.
    Powertree seems to create slightly larger indexes and takes
    longer to write them but access time seems to be just as fast as Index Manager.

    Hope this helps,
    Gary Stout

    Gary Stout
    gary at sce4u dot com