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  • PB/DLL File Names

    Hi again,

    now I have a different question.

    Can't *.bas files have word ERROR in the file name?

    If I name a file e.g. Error.bas or MyError.bas or ErrorDef.bas etc., following happens.

    After compilation I'm presented with the result message box and after that "File Open Error" message saying "Could not find XXXX BYTES", where XXXX is the reported memory image size and the program is not run.. Same thing happens if I select "Compile" or "Compile and Run" button. I don't have "Windows -> Options -> Compiler -> Compiler options -> Display results" checked.

    The EXE and BAS files are written to the disk and seem to be OK as far as I can tell. I can start the program from the disk.

    Has anybody experienced something similar? Does anyone have an idea if some other words are not "allowed" in file names?

    Not a big deal but it was annoying, before I could figure out what was happening.

    Lasse Rantanen
    [email protected]

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    Interesting observation Lasse, I'll pass this on to R&D. Thanks!

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