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callback for dialog controls in a dll - where?

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  • Lance Edmonds
    I assume that you are using DDT to create this dialog? If so, the callbacks should be placed in your DLL along with the exported functions you want to expose to VBA/Word (which create the DDT dialog).

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  • callback for dialog controls in a dll - where?

    [Compiler PBDLL6.0]
    I have a properly operating executable, but for several reasons it would be better to rebuild it to a DLL. Its dialog contains a listbox where the user can select an ASCII-file and then click a button to convert that file to a different text-format. The functions within the DLL should be called by an MS-Word macro (Visual Basic?).

    My question is: what is the proper place for the callback functionality for buttons and listbox? Is it possible to have it in the DLL itself, in the same way it is now in the stand alone executable or should it necessarily be part of the Word-macro?