For programmers interested in assembler source, I have just started a new
source code page on my site and I have started to post examples written by
some of the assembler programmers I know. More will come over time.

This code is MASM source but as PowerBASIC can manage MASM style code
well, some of this source will be useful to PowerBASIC programmers.

The other consideration is related to much of the discussion in this forum
about GUI interface design. One of the things that has been left out of
the discussion is the creation of custom controls in PowerBASIC. This is
not the type of stuff that is done by slopping something onto a form and
drawing it up with a mouse while clicking on the properties window, its
good, fast, clean, bug free API code.

It can be done in a couple of ways, superclassing existing controls or
creating them from scratch using CreateWindowEx(). Both have their
advantages, superclassing an existing control means no more than adding to
or changing the characteristics of a control through it message

Creating a control from scratch means CreateWindowEx and a normal WndProc
type message proc. A complete custom control is not that big a deal for
any programmer who can write a normal program in API style code.

They can be either packaged in a DLL for reuse across multiple programs or
simply added into existing API style code for a single EXE file. Rather
than be dependent on the junk that is around the traps at the moment,
making original and powerful custom controls is a capacity that the
PowerBASIC compiler already has.

I am a bit snowed under at the moment but when I get a bit more time, I will
post a simple skeleton of a superclassed control as it is very sraight forward
API code that many can write and use without any problems.


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