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  • Windows NT question


    How can a set permission to a directory in Windows NT
    whith pbdll6.0 code ?

    I meen:
    I have a user in the usermanager. But the user can not
    connect to his directory with FTP. He has not permission
    to it. So i must give the user Permission and "Full controls"
    of his dir...

    I hope you understand..
    Help me, please..

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    I don't know the context of your application, but generally speaking (being both a programmer and a network administrator) I'd say you don't! If a user needs rights to a directory (or anything else) that should be for the network administrator to fix, not your app. I know I'd be furious if I found out that some app was playing around with the rights on my servers! It will only work if the user that is logged on to the server has the appropriate rights to do so, but still.

    Also, your user couldn't just do it himself (i.e it is not enough that he runs the app). As he doesn't have administrative rights he wouldn't be permitted to change the existing rights. You'd need an approriate account, and having your app log in with such privileges is not something I'd do...

    If you're the network admin and is writing a utility or something to perform this task for you (scanning user home dirs and setting appropriate permissions) I'm sure there are API functions to do what you want. Can't help you with names etc, never had any use for them.