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Something strange (textbox font)

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  • Something strange (textbox font)

    When i create a font for a dialog or even a DDT textbox using Times New Roman, 6, it all goes well.

    In a special case i want to set this font into a edit box using CreateWindow ON the desktop (0) without WS_CHILD.
    No problem with this weirdness but the font doesn't go below than ~8 or 10.
    Iow, the font is not to be trusted for different fontnames/sizes.
    What is the problem here?

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    It sounds like a LOGFONT issue, but as the desktop is the owner there may be other problems... I think we are going to have to see some code, EB.

    Out of curiosity, are you using %ANSI_CHARSET or are you using %DEFAULT_CHARSET, and also, what about the quality & precsion values you are using... they often force Windows to choose a font that is not exactly what was expected to be chosen.

    Also, I have to ask... what does "E.B." stand for? I've just realized that I don;t know your given name after all this time!

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      The same fonthandle is used for hDC, DDT and textbox(no owner)

      I make use of the plain MakeFont procedure, so no fontfamilies etc. set.

      It's not a big problem, i could make use of DDT instead, but in my current task, the current method is more handy, just don't understand the fontdifference occuring...




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        My problem is solved, some other interference was happening (restoring font)

        For the curious ones, it's no problem to set Times New Roman, 6 in a Edit box.