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Cannot the menu item true highlited?

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  • Cannot the menu item true highlited?

    I try MenuItem from Popupmenu with bold Font created.
    ModifyMenu with MF_OWNERDRAW cannot the menu
    item true highlighted, ..only the background color (left field
    and right field from this menuitem?).
    HiliteMenuItem do this right, but cannot be used with
    the ModifyMenu function.
    How do this right? (Change FONT in Bold + true highlighted)?
    Can this without ModifyMenu function make?


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    Alexander --

    Sorry, are you asking why your owner-drawn menu item is not being highlighted properly when a user selects it? If so, here is a quote from the Win32.HLP file...

    Owner-drawn items require an application to take total responsibility for drawing selected (highlighted), checked, and unchecked states.

    In other words, if your program owner-draws the normal (un-highlighted) menu item, it must also take responsibility for drawing the item when it is highlighted.

    I hope this helps...

    -- Eric

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      But it's not necessary to use %MF_OWNERDRAW to make bold font.
      See "Source code" forum

      PS. Eric, MSDN sample, which you found yesterday is really fine

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        Semen --

        I can't the true sample find. All source in "Source code" forum
        without success... (
        Can you help, the true source-code sample (for BOLD!!!) search?

        Thanks (Zaranee spasibo!)



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          alexander --

          two actions - right justify - %mf_help in ftype
          and bold = %mfs_default flag in fstate)

          really i'm interesting to be sure in code set and already had a little expirience with own-drawn menu.
          but now i know how to find logfont for menu using systemparametersinfo.
          perhaps, in nearest future i will combine my previous code with new knowledge and will construct simple subroutines for using own fonts in menu. (i imagine how to make true hilite for own-drawn, but it's not one statement).

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            Semen --

            Thanks! Thanks!
            This example is OK! I try popupmenu in my program modify...

            Thank you!