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PowerGEN: MS Visual Studio tutorial needed

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  • PowerGEN: MS Visual Studio tutorial needed

    The PowerGEN help file contains a tutorial on how to use DLGEDIT and RC.EXE to create and edit resource script files.

    The tutorial says that Microsoft Visual Studio can also be used to create all the files necessary for PowerGEN.

    A step by step example of using MS Visual Studio version 5 to create all the necessary files for PowerGEN would be greatly appreciated, since it is nonobvious how the example given using DLGEDIT can be generalized to MSVS5. It would be helpful if the example would precisely parallel the example given for DLGEDIT.

    A similar step by step example using Borland Resource Compiler would also be appreciated.

    This would substantially strengthen the ease of use of PowerGEN for newcomers like myself.

    Robert Lightbourne
    Bob Lightbourne

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    I wrote and posted a highly-detailed checklist for using PowerGEN and Visual Studio a LONG time ago, but I can't seem to find it in the archives or on my own hard drive. Does anybody still have a copy?

    -- Eric

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