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    Anyone have experience in attaining the drive sizes (not the partition sizes!) via api calls?

    I beleive I can use the OCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY in WinNT, but in Win 9x I'm stumped.
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    Check out the GetDiskFreeSpace API. In addition to free space, it gives you the numbers you need to calculate the disk size. Total clusters, sectors per cluster, and bytes per sector.

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      If you create two partitions on your hard drive, GetDiskFreeSpace() will return the size of each partition, not the physical drive size.

      The only way to do it is through DeviceIoControl and VWIN32_DIOC_DOS_DRIVEINFO. I don't have a specific example, but that should get you started.


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        For what's it's worth, and I know it's not the same topic, but can the same information here be used for what you are looking for??? (GetVolumeInformation)

        Function DriveSerialNumber(Drive As String)Export As String
        Local HWord As Word
        Local LWord As Word
        Local Volname As Asciiz * 16
        Local VolBuffer As Asciiz * 255
        Local lpVolumeSerialNumber As Long
        Local lpMaximumComponentLength As Long
        Local lpFileSystemFlags As Long
        Local FileSysBuffer As Asciiz * 255
        If GetVolumeInformation (ByCopy Drive, VolBuffer, SizeOf(VolBuffer), lpVolumeSerialNumber , lpMaximumComponentLength, _
        lpFileSystemFlags , FilesysBuffer, SizeOf(FilesysBuffer)) <> 0 Then
            HWord = HiWrd(lpVolumeSerialNumber)
            LWord = LoWrd(lpVolumeSerialNumber)
            Function = Right$("0000000"+Hex$(HWord), 4) + "-" + Right$("0000000"+Hex$(LWord), 4)
            Function = "Cannot Read Drive.."
        End If
        End Function

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