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Question re PowerGEN - is manual edit general?

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  • Question re PowerGEN - is manual edit general?

    In the PowerGEN help file, the user is taught to use PowerGEN through both abstract discussion and several examples, including a tutorial in which an application called ABOUT.EXE is created.

    I have two questions about the manual editing of the .DLG file before it is ready to be compiled by RC.EXE into a binary (.RES) resource file. In particular, I refer to the section of the tutorial headed "Converting a .DLG file to .RC file".

    (1) Do these editing instructions apply to all .DLG files ? (i.e. should all .DLG files receive a similar edit)

    (2) Are these editing instructions sufficient to properly modify the universe of all .DLG files, from the standpoint of enabling subsequent processing by RC.EXE, PBRES.EXE and PowerGEN itself ?

    Would much appreciate advice on this.

    Robert Lightbourne
    Bob Lightbourne

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    The actual deal is this...

    DLGEDIT.EXE that ships with PowerBASIC is a 16-bit Windows application. It assumes that you are using a 16-bit programming language like PB/DLL 2.0, Visual C++ 1.0, etc.

    The .DLG file that it generates will not work with the 32-bit resource compiler (RC.EXE). To make it work with the 32-bit resource compiler, you have to add the #include "resource.h" to the file and rename it to .RC for the 32-bit resource compiler to find and compile the file.

    If you *really* want to know more about the actuall process, your best documentation is the Windows SDK. It covers DLGEDIT and RC in detail and comes straight from the horses mouth (Microsoft).


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      footnote: be sure the check out the errata posted in the frequently asked questions forum.

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